Can I mine ethereum with Antminer s9?

How much Ethereum can a AntMiner S9 mine?

The Bitmain Antminer E9 is the world’s most powerful Ethereum mining ASIC. Bitmain has launched a new ASIC tailor-made for Ethereum. It can hit peak hash rates of 3GH/s, roughly equivalent to 32 GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards.

Can Bitmain AntMiner mine Ethereum?

Bitcoin and crypto-mining monolith Bitmain is releasing an application specific circuit (ASIC) miner for Ethereum, another indicator the Ethereum mining industry is doubling down on proof-of-work, even as its developers gear up for the blockchain’s shift to proof-of-stake.

Can you mine Ethereum with ASIC?

The reason why there are no Ethereum mining ASICs is the fact that the Ethereum mining algorithm has been designed from the ground up to be ASIC-resistant.

What can you mine with Antminer S19?

Antminer S19 Pro is an SHA-256 algorithm mining equipment manufactured by Bitmain. It is able to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) with a maximum hashrate of 110TH/s for a power consumption of 3250W.

Who makes Antminer S9?


Manufacturer Bitmain
Release September 2017
Size 135 x 158 x 350mm
Weight 4200g
Chip boards 3

What is the most profitable ASIC miner?

Innosilicon A10 Pro 6g 720mh ETH miner is an upgraded version optimized for ETH mining 2.0, and also is the most profitable asic miner in the world now.

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What can you mine with ASIC?

Generally, each ASIC miner is constructed to mine a specific digital currency. So, a bitcoin ASIC miner can mine only bitcoin. One way to think about bitcoin ASICs is as specialized bitcoin mining computers, or “bitcoin generators,” that are optimized to solve the mining algorithm.

Is ASIC better than GPU?

In short: ASICs are best for mining Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and coins that are based off these algorithms. GPUs are best for mining Ethereum, Monero, Ravencoin, and coins based off those algorithms. Note: Over time all of these coins will produce less thanks to halvings which cut the reward for mining blocks in half.

How do you set ASIC miner for ethereum?

Configure Ethereum ASIC miner

  1. Mining Address. Get mining address in sub-account dashboard. Click it.
  2. Worker Setting. Format:sub-account.miner name. …
  3. Miner Connection Setting. Type the IP address of miners into the address bar with a web browser under the local area network. …
  4. Check mining status in pool’s sub-account.