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How does the taxation process compare to the US?


I have been living in Canada for the last 4 months or so. I work and all that. I am just not sure how the taxation process works. Is it the same as the US and I file at the beginning of next year or is it different from the US and I file at a different time? Also, are there physical forms I will receive or do I have to manually get them myself being that I am new to Canada?

This is for the non-US tax issues so I am assuming you made a mistake in putting this here.

Either way I will do my best to help. Both taxation processes are very similar. Most people have no issue coming to Canada from the US in that regard. So in that, the process is very much the same thing.

However, there are some differences you will need to be aware of. Taxes in Canada are generally higher at  38.4 compared to the US's 28.2 and this can change what you take home. Another difference are the tax brackets. In CA, you will pay more if you are considered to be in a higher bracket (just means you are earning more). Sales tax on goods changes depending on your province unlike the steady tax rates in the US as well. Most people are not aware of this when moving here. Unlike the US as well, the Inheritance tax has been abolished as of 1972.


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