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Canadian non-resident NR4 and NR6 questions
« on: November 21, 2018, 08:03:48 PM »
Dear Phillip,

I am being referred by one of your client to contact you. I left Canada a few years ago and declared non resident status. I have a condo in Canada where I submit NR6/section 216 at beginning of each year together with 12 post dated cheques as the withholding tax for the net rental income (where CRA approves me using 'net' income in Feb of next year).

However, in 2019, I will have closing for a second condo at around April where I will be renting the unit out as well. In this case, I do not what changes is required on the NR6 submission and have the following queries:
1.   NR6 should be submitted before Jan of each year with the estimated rental income of the year, but I won't know when my new condo will be rent out nor the amount of rent/mortgage expense/maintenance fee/property tax at this point.
2.   The rule states that 'income should be withheld on the 15th day following the month that rental income is received', so by mid year, I will have extra income from the second condo to be withheld and submitted to CRA. However, none of these income has been included in the NR6 prepared originally in Dec where CRA approved withholding as 'net' rental income. In that case, I wouldn't be able to submit 'net' income withholding tax as well.
3.   NR6 is filed in Dec 2018 and requires all condos to be included in the same filing, but I wouldn't be able include the new condo until it is finally closed mid year.
Please advise the proper procedure and let me know your fee for performing such reporting for me. It will be great if you can provide me with a detailed breakdown for each activity in the quotation as well. Thanks.