Who invested in Microsoft?

How much would a 1000 investment in Microsoft be worth today?

So, if you had invested in Microsoft a decade ago, you’re probably feeling pretty good about your investment today. According to our calculations, a $1000 investment made in July 2011 would be worth $10,456.20, or a gain of 945.62%, as of July 30, 2021, and this return excludes dividends but includes price increases.

Did Microsoft have angel investors?

Alliance of Angels

The largest angel group in the Pacific Northwest has more than 140 active angel investors — many of them Microsoft alumni — and a $6.6 million seed fund. Alumnus Yi-Jian Ngy is the managing director of the group which hosts events about the funding process and about angel investing.

What has Microsoft been investing in?

List of investments by Microsoft Corporation

Company Year
Apple Inc (1997)
Ardent Communications Inc. (2000)
Asia Global Crossing Ltd. (1999)
Telewest 22.9% (2000–2003)

Does Warren Buffett own Microsoft stock?

Buffett has said that he personally bought 100 shares of Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) years ago after meeting Bill Gates. … It’s still costing Buffett.

What companies has Bill Gates invested in?

Investments in Corporations

Company Shares held Value (January, 15, 2021)
AutoNation (AN) 18,431,162 $74.01 per share
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) 6,075,000 $351,462.00 per share
Canadian National Railway (CNI) 118,527,644 $111.68 per share
Coca-Cola FEMSA (KOF) 88,081,700 $48.69 per share
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Does Amazon have a venture capital fund?

The Amazon Smbhav Venture Fund is a $250 million fund focused on startups driving the digital transformation of small to medium-sized businesses in India. The goal is to help smaller businesses engage in eCommerce, automate their operations, and eventually reach a global market.

Does Microsoft have a venture fund?

M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, invests in early-stage enterprise software companies with a focus on applied AI, business applications, infrastructure, security, and vanguard technologies. … M12 is a return-driven fund investing independently of Microsoft’s business units and technology offerings.

Does Microsoft have a venture arm?

Microsoft muscle

Focus is one of the things that attracted Matthew Goldstein to help co-found M12—then called Microsoft Ventures—in San Francisco in 2016 and open its European office in 2019. “It’s very unique,” Goldstein said of the fund.

Does Microsoft have any subsidiaries?

Microsoft has made twelve acquisitions worth over one billion dollars: Skype (2011), aQuantive (2007), Fast Search & Transfer (2008), Navision (2002), Visio Corporation (2000), Yammer (2012), Nokia’s mobile and devices division (2013), Mojang (2014), LinkedIn (2016), GitHub (2018), Affirmed Networks (2020), ZeniMax …