What does Apple share icon look like?

What does the share icon look like?

As a refresher, on Android phones, the “share” button looks like a “less-than” sign, with a circle at each point, whereas on iPhones, it’s an arrow pointing out of a rectangle. But no matter which platform you’re using, the purpose of the button is the same—to share whatever you’re looking at with other people.

Where is the share icon on iPhone?

If you aren’t sure which app to use, open the Photos app, access a photo in full size, and tap the Share icon at the lower-left corner. The middle row shows all of the apps that you can share your selected content with.

What is the share icon look like on iPad?

Apple’s products use an icon showing a box with an upward arrow. This icon is used on several Apple products: In iOS’s iWork, for sharing work on iWork.com. In Mobile Safari, to show a menu of options: “Add Bookmark,” “Add to Home Screen,” “Mail Link to this Page,” and “Print.”

What is Apple shared with?

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll now notice a new section with media that contact has shared with you. Here you’ll see various music, photos, links, and other media that contact has shared with you. If this person uses Android or another device, you’ll probably only see links they’ve shared with you.

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Where is the share button on Mac?

In the Safari app on your Mac, click the Share button in the toolbar or choose File > Share. Choose how to share the webpage.