Can you delete shared albums on iPhone?

What happens if I delete a shared album on iPhone?

Deleting shared albums that you created will remove the photos and videos stored in them AND unsubscribe the people with whom you’ve shared the album. … You will “lose” those shared photos and videos, unless you explicitly made a copy in your own Camera roll or iCloud Photo Library.

How do I delete a shared photo album on my iPhone?

Tap the shared album which you want to delete photos or videos from. Tap ‘Select’ button and then select the photos and videos and then tap ‘Recycle bin’ icon. Tap ‘Delete Photos’ or ‘Delete Photo’ button. This is how you can delete photos or videos from a shared album on iOS device.

What happens if you delete a shared album?

When you delete a shared album you own, it’s removed from all your devices and the devices of all its subscribers. When you unsubscribe from an album, it’s removed from all your devices.

Do shared albums take up space on iPhone?

Shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone. If you have iCloud Photos enabled, you have the option to optimize the storage on your iPhone to free up space on the device.

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Will someone know if I delete a shared album?

No they won‘t get a notification, however any photos they have saved from the album to their own Photos. app will be retained. They also will be able to see the album has been removed.

Can anyone delete photos from a shared album?

The owner of a shared album can delete photos and videos that anyone adds. … When you delete a photo or video from a shared album you own, it’s removed from the shared album on all your devices and all subscribers’ devices.

How do I get out of a shared album?

Leave an album

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Photos app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Sharing .
  3. Open an album.
  4. Tap More Options. Leave album.

Can you hide a shared album?

The most basic security measure you may do to segregate your NSFW photos from your photo album is by utilizing the “Hidden” album feature. Once you select a photo, click on the share button and choose the “Hide” option. This method creates an entire album set for your photos away from your main camera roll.

Can I delete photos from camera roll but keep in shared album?

Removing photos from your Camera Roll will not remove them from Shared Albums. It will, however, remove them from iCloud Photo Library, both in iCloud itself and all of your devices.