You asked: What will happen to RIL Re share?

What happens if I sell Re shares?

RE can be sold in the secondary market the way you sell any other share held. RE sold are marked for delivery. … Your broker account reflects money credit after two days since the trades are settled following T+2 settlement system, like any other cash market sale.

Is it good time to buy Reliance share?

Advising investors to buy and hold the counter for short-term to medium term; Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman at GCL Securities said, “Reliance shares are highly bullish and it may go up to ₹2700 per stock mark in short-term. So, once should look at every dip as buying opportunity in the counter.

Can we buy Re share?

Like in the case of shares; when you buy RIL-RE from the open market, you will get the credit on T+2 date. But RIL-RE securities can only be purchased till May 29 after which it will be extinguished.

Why is Reliance Power share falling?

Reliance Power defaults on payment of principal and interest of Rs 300 cr; shares falls 2% The company defaulted on payment of Rs 300.22 crore, including interest amount of Rs 2.22 crore on July 31, 2020, it said in a BSE filing.

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Is Reliance a good long term buy?

Overall, in the medium to long term, it is great for the banking industry and we are very positive on all PSU banks including SBI where there is scope for the earnings to move up and the PEs to expand gradually.

What is the target of RIL share?

ICICI Direct has hold call on Reliance Industries with a target price of Rs 2760. The current market price of Reliance Industries Ltd. is Rs 2658.

Can I buy partly paid shares?

The partly paid shares are tradable like any other security. Investors who buy the partly paid shares will have to pay the balance amount as per the payment schedule and it will eventually get merged into fully paid shares post the payment of all the money.

Why do companies issue partly paid shares?

Partly paid shares are issued by a company when the shareholder who holds those shares has not paid the full issue price of those shares. For example, a company issues its shares at $1.00 per share.

Can I buy Reliance pp share now?

Reliance PP will be available for trading till 10th May 2021 before getting suspended while the company collects the call money. If you continue to hold the shares after suspension, you will have to pay Reliance Industries Rs. 314.25 per share to get the new Reliance PP shares.