You asked: What time does the stock market close GMT?

What time does the stock market open and close GMT?

New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – opens at 14:30 GMT+1 and closes at 21:00 GMT+1.

What time does the US stock market close UK time?

The UK stock market open at 8am UK time from Monday to Friday and closes at 4:30pm each day.

UK stock market hours.

Stock exchange New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
Market cap $25.62 trillion
Local trading time 09:30-16:00
GMT trading time 14:30-21:00

Is the UK Stock Exchange open today?

Regular trading hours for the London Stock Exchange (LSE) are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM ET.

London Stock Exchange Stock Market Holidays.

London Stock Exchange Market Holidays Early May Bank Holiday
2021 May 3rd
2022 May 2nd
2023 May 1st
2024 May 6th

Is the UK stock market open tomorrow?

The London Stock Exchange is open for trading Monday-Friday. Stock Exchanges in America, Europe, and Asia follow the typical Monday to Friday schedule.

What is GMT trading?

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time. … For example, in a 24hr market such as forex trading, knowing the opening times of the different trading sessions in Sydney, Tokyo, London, and New York when based in Europe could prove valuable.

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What time does the US stock market open Australian time?

United States

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq operate its core trading hours between 9:30am-4pm U.S. eastern time. This is after midnight in Sydney, Australia. Orders on the NYSE can be entered during a pre-opening session between 6:30am-9:30am U.S. eastern time.