What is the meaning of investment class 10th?

What is investment Short answer?

An investment is an asset or item acquired with the goal of generating income or appreciation. … For example, an investor may purchase a monetary asset now with the idea that the asset will provide income in the future or will later be sold at a higher price for a profit.

What is the meaning of investment in economics?

Investment is the value of fixed capital assets (plus stocks) produced in an economy over a period of time – investment refers to the creation of capital goods. Investment spending is an injection into the circular flow of income.

What is investment class 10 Brainly?

Answer: in finance an investment is a monetary asset purchased with the idea that the acid will provide income in the future will it be sold at a higher price for profit. The act of putting money in the bank business property etc the amount of money that you put in. douwdek0 and 6 more users found this answer helpful.

What is investment in easy word?

Investment or investing means that an asset is bought, or that money is put into a bank to get a future interest from it. Investment is total amount of money spent by a shareholder in buying shares of a company. In economic management sciences, investments means longer-term savings.

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What is investment and example?

An investment is a payment made to acquire the securities of other entities, with the objective of earning a return. Examples are bonds, common stock, and preferred stock. It may also involve the purchase of other assets, such as a property from which rental payments can be generated.

What is author’s definition of investment?

Investment is defined as the commitment of current financial resources in order to achieve higher gains in the future.