What is the BT dividend?

When did BT last pay dividends?

Most recent dividend payment

Dividend amount £0.046
Ex-dividend 24 Dec 2019
Declaration date 31 Oct 2019
Record date 27 Dec 2019
Payable date 03 Feb 2020

Is BT paying a dividend in September 2021?

Our dividends are normally paid twice a year, with final dividends paid in September, and interim dividends in February. … We expect to resume dividend payments in 2021/22 at 7.70 pence per share with 30% payable at the interim stage.

Will next pay a dividend in 2021?

The board of NEXT plc declared a special dividend of 110 pence per share to be paid on 3 September 2021 to shareholders registered at the close of business on 13 August 2021. Shares will trade ex-dividend from 12 August 2021.

Why have BT shares gone up today?

BT delivers on cost-savings target ahead of time, shares surge. (Sharecast News) – BT shares surged on Monday after the telecoms group confirmed it has delivered on its cost-savings target ahead of schedule.

When did BT float on the stock market?

In November 1984, 50.2% of the new company was offered for sale to the public and employees. Shares were listed in London, New York, and Toronto and the first day of trading on was 3 December 1984. The Government sold half its remaining interest in December 1991 and the other half in July 1993.

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What was the original BT share price?

British Telecommunications floated on the LSE 30 years ago with an offer of 3,012,000,000 ordinary shares, just over half of the total shares in issue. The offer price of 130p per share implied a market capitalisation of £7.8 billion.