Is Aviva worth investing in?

Is Aviva a buy right now?

Aviva has received a consensus rating of Buy.

Is Aviva a value trap?

It’s also worth looking at the profile of the stock to understand whether it has strong positive exposure to important factors like Quality, Value and Momentum. On that basis, Stockopedia currently classifies Aviva as a value trap.

Why has Aviva share price dropped today?

Aviva has seen its share price dip after the Competition Markets Authority ruled it had been misleading customers on freehold mortgages.

Can I buy shares in Aviva?

Investing means taking direct ownership of Aviva (AV) shares; buying means that you’re trading on the Aviva share price with spread bets and CFDs. When you invest in Aviva shares, you could receive dividends from the company and you’ll be eligible to vote on company decisions at the annual general meeting.

Who shares Aviva?

The Aviva Share Account is Aviva’s corporate nominee service in which shareholders can hold their shares. Currently around 230,000 shareholders hold their shares in this manner and benefit from increased privacy and the peace of mind of not having to look after a share certificate.

Will Aviva pay a dividend in 2020?

The expected 2020 total dividend of 21.0 pence per share is expected to grow by low to mid-single digits.

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