Frequent question: Which document is not compulsory for companies without share capital?

Can a company be incorporated without share capital?

As per the point of view of incorporation, there is no minimum capital required for incorporating a private limited company. As per company law 2013, you can start a private limited company with 0 paid-up capital.

Which companies are not required to have any memorandum or articles of association?

A public company limited by shares may or may not have its own Articles of Association. As per Action 26 of Companies Act, it is not obligatory on the part of a public company limited by shares to prepare and register Articles of Association along with Memorandum of Association.

What documents are required for a limited company?

What documents will I receive when setting up my limited Company?

  • Certificate of incorporation. As soon as your company is successfully registered, Companies House will give out a certificate of incorporation. …
  • Memorandum of association. …
  • Articles of association. …
  • Obtain every document of incorporation without delay.

Which document is required for a public limited company and not required for a private limited company?

Prospectus. A prospectus is a comprehensive statement of the affairs of the company issued by a public limited company for its public and there is a requirement under the Act for public limited companies to issue a prospectus. However, there are no such provisions for Private Limited Companies.

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What is MCA No?

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is a government portal containing details of all the companies incorporated in India. … One can check the Company registration number, type of company, date of incorporation, charges of a company, directors of the company, etc. from the site.

What is MCA portal? is the government’s official Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website and is also known as the MCA portal. This portal facilitates numerous services for the companies and LLPs, starting from incorporation of a company/LLP to closure of a company/LLP.

Which company do not need Memorandum of Association?

Companies incorporated prior to 1 October 2009 are not required to amend their memoranda, and for these companies the provisions which would have appeared in the memorandum but are now required to appear in the Articles, such as the objects clause and details of the share capital, are deemed to form a part of the …

Who Cannot be a member of a company?

Individuals like minor, insolvent person, insane/lunatic person and Foreigner (if the provisions of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 do not allow to become a member) cannot become a member of the company.

Can a company be registered without MOA?

Conclusion: Memorandum of Association is a fundamental document for the formation of a company. It is a charter of the company. Without memorandum, a company cannot be incorporated. The memorandum together with Articles of Association forms the constitution of the company.

What documents do companies need?

The 10 Key Legal Documents for Your Business

  1. Company bylaws for corporations. …
  2. Meeting minutes. …
  3. Operating agreement for LLCs. …
  4. Non-disclosure agreement. …
  5. Employment agreement. …
  6. Business plan. …
  7. Memorandum of understanding. …
  8. Online terms of use.
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What documents does a company need?

More details on the most common documents you need for a new company (and where to get them)

  • Company Registration (CIPC)
  • Employer Tax Registration (SARS)
  • A B-BBEE Affidavit or a B-BBEE Certificate.
  • COID Registration (Department of Labour)