1. I’m an IT consultant that does around $300,000 of gross income for my US clients. I do most of the work from my home office in Vancouver but I do have to travel down to the US for 5 to 6 meetings a year.

    Would that make me liable for tax in the US? I’m worried know that I got the wrong advice from my current accountant. He said that as long as I didn’t do any significant work in the US that I wouldn’t have to file any US tax returns.

    If it turns out that I do have to file US tax returns am I going to get penalized?



    • Hi

      The fact that you go down a few times a year to have meetings should not necessarily constitute you having a PE. That being said, your accountant was wrong in that you still should file US return to establish your treaty position. The penalties for filing will depend on how many years you’ve neglected to file.

      Please give me a call at 250-381-2400 and we can chat.


  2. Hi

    So does that mean that because I have a website that is hosted in the US and order from the US (Canada also) that I should be filing in the US. I don’t go down to the US for anything at all.

    • Hi Amy

      For purposes of actually being taxable in the US it will be less about whether your website is hosted in the US (this does become an issue sometimes) and more whether you actually have a PE in the US. That being said, if you have income from US sources you’ll need to file a treaty protected return at the very least.


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